What is this event?

The party is a new concept we are trying out for Halloween this year. It is sort of a mash-up between an escape room, RPG and traditional party all controlled by AI. At its core it’s an over the top themed Halloween party. We have a TON of LEDs and glowing props, sets, a dance floor, bar and different areas to hang out.

So is it a haunted house?

No. It will have a spooky atmosphere but we are more focused on mood than jump scares.

More details about the AI Spirit component?

We also have giant animatronics around the party that are all connected to AI that people can chat with real time. They have different “quests” for people to do that will unlock or shift the party in some way.

Am I required to participate in interacting with the spirits? I more just want to hang out with my friends like a normal party.

This is fine! The party will progress normally if no one interacts with them so it’s not mandatory at all to interact to have fun but interacting should shift things in interesting ways.

What dates and times is it being held?

October 28th - 31st, 7PM - 11PM each night. In some of our media we have listed the 27th. We are not 100% sure we will be finished setting up by then and have gone back and forth about opening date. Feel free to show up on the 27th but we might not be open and it might be not as polished.

What is the cost?

Free admission. There will be a cash bar.

Why is it free? How will you make money?

We've previously done a big Halloween party as a private event but this year decided to do it as a public event. We decided to just keep it free as this is how our private event would have been anyway. At this point not really trying to make money, just want to do a Halloween event for the community.

What is the age of admission? Is this an event for kids?

Party is meant for adults. Admission is 18+.

Is there a max capacity?

Yes. Although admission is free capacity is somewhat limited, likely being around 150/night.

Are tickets available? RSVP?

Admission will be first come first serve. No advance tickets.

Are costumes mandatory?

For the 28th - 30th costumes are not strictly mandatory (but strongly encouraged.. come on it's a free Halloween party why not dress up) for the 31st costumes will be required.